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·         You have to register first to Hireer.com to avail the service. REGISTRATION IS FREE

·         Normal Offer job price is starting from 5$, Seller can add more in additional packages.

·         Buyer has to pay the contract price in advance. Payment is 100% safe and secure.

·         Hireer.com use the PayPal and PayUmoney payment gateway to receive and send payments.

·         Seller get the payment 80% (after deducting 20% commission) from your contract price.

·         The Hireer.com charge 20% commission on each contract price.

·         Buyer has right to cancel the order after 24 hrs of contract time end, and take his/her full refund.

·         The Seller can send request to buyer for mutual cancellation of job and refund the full contract amount.

·         Seller must full fill their orders and complete the job within contract time, more cancellation can decrease the level as well as additional packages.

·         The Hireer.com has right to reject or ban any user or user service on the website without any prior notice.

·         Buyer or Seller cannot ask for any other medium of payment otherwise the account will be suspended by admin without any notice.

·         The order will be mark complete automatically after 72 hours of job delivery, but the buyer can post feedback upto 7 days after job delivery.

·         Seller is liable to pay his/her country income tax, the hireer.com is not liable for any income tax or will not provide tax certificate for seller.

·         Seller gain account Level based on their performance and work reputation. The Additional Packages is increased as Level Increment.

·         One Email ID, PayPal and Bank Account will be associate with only one account.

·         Hireer.com retains the right to use all the published/delivered work for marketing and promotional purpose.

·         All content uploaded to Hireer.com by Its users (Buyers and Sellers) is User Generated Content.  For any such content users (Buyers and Sellers) is totally responsible. If found any copyright content, we invite you to report violations together with proof of ownership as appropriate to the Hireer.com Support/Help Page. Reported violations content will removed asap. After that Hireer.com is not responsible for any violation by users.

·         Hireer.com does not allow any exchange of adult oriented or pornographic materials and services.

·         Inappropriate Behaviour & Language Communication is totally restricted on Hireer.com, Any user find can be block on the hireer.com.

·         Hireer.com is not allow to publish or post other people’s private and confidential information. It’s totally restricted.

·         You cannot post or publish any intellectual or copyrighted property/content to the website.

·         Hireer.com reserve the right to put any account on hold or permanently disable accounts due to misbehaviour. Users with accounts on hold will not be able to sell or buy. Any violation of Term of Service may restrict or block of your account.

·         Only one account is allowed for one user, multiple account can be block without any prior notice.

·         No one is allow to sell or buy hireer.com accounts. You can closed your account any time, before closing your account, withdraw your balance from wallet because after account closed you will not be able to access the account.

  • Seller must upload their profile picture.
  • Seller can sell their job works in the form of designing, coding, animation, audio & video etc.
  • Seller can charge as their service charge as his/her desire price in additional packages
  • Seller can send job mutual cancellation request to buyer with valid reason but more cancellation can decrease level as well as additional packages, and it can lead you to out of search also.
  • Seller can withdraw revenue/fund from their payment option page through Withdrawal Request button from there Wallet > Income page.
  • Seller can see Current Balance, Pending Withdrawals, Pending Incoming Payments to their Wallet > Income page.
  • Seller can put their personal information, PayPal email ID, Bank Details in Setting > Confidential Info page
  • Seller can change their password through Setting > Confidential Info - Password page
  • Seller can close their account permanently through Setting > Confidential Info - Close Account
  • Seller’s rating is calculated based on the order reviews/feedback posted by buyers.
  • Sellers are allow to post 30 active jobs all and max 2 job in each category>sub-category with Additional Packages with each job post.
  • Seller can get upto 10 Levels.

§  1st Level can be earn on 10 successfully job completed

§  2nd Level can be earn on 20 successfully job completed

§  3rd Level can be earn on 30 successfully job completed

§  4th Level can be earn on 40 successfully job completed

§  5th Level can be earn on 50 successfully job completed

§  6th Level can be earn on 100 successfully job completed

§  7th Level can be earn on 150 successfully job completed

§  8th Level can be earn on 200 successfully job completed

§  9th Level can be earn on 300 successfully job completed

§  10th Level can be earn on 500 successfully job completed

·         Seller can be SUPPER SELLER when he/she will earn 100 successfully job complete with complete 5 star rating.

·         Seller can upgrade their job as FEATURE any time to make featured charge payment. The featured job post will show at home page and their category page top view as feature terms. Feature terms is defined on feature option page. Feature option is available for both home page and category page top view.



  • Purchase of jobs from Hireer.com can be done using your PayPal or credit card . After payment completion the order is automatically showed in the Seller Active Order in queue list and buyer Shopping > Active Order and countdown begins
  • Seller may reject your order and refund through mutual cancellation button with valid reason.
  • Buyer can also ask for mutual cancellation with valid reason and refund
  • You can buy any seller service within a second through your wallet revenue
  • You cannot request or provide emails to users on the Hireer.com
  • You may not offer to seller for payment from other medium
  • Hireer.com retains the right to use all published delivered works for Hireer.com marketing and promotional purposes
  • You have to pay advance to Hireer.com to create an order from a seller’s job list through the Place Order button
  • In addition You can add Additional Package from seller job Additional Package list
  • Processing fees are charged at the time of purchase or fund transfer to wallet. These fees cover payment processing and administrative fees
  • You can ask for mutual cancellation to seller or admin for order cancellation with valid reason within 3 days after contract completion


  •  You must enter valid PayPal account and Bank Account details in your confidential information page to hireer.com.
  • You can withdraw revenue from your wallet income page through Withdrawal Request button. After withdrawal request, you will receive an email to your registered email ID for verification of request. After verification of request your revenue will transfer to your PayPal or bank account within 7 working days.


  • You can add fund to your wallet and buy the any seller service within a second. When you will add fund to your wallet the processing fees will deduct to your fund automatically. It will show you on payment page when you will add fund to your wallet.


·         Service Tax : As Indian Govt. law, the service tax will charge on each transaction when it will process to purchase/buy and it will add to the contract fees.

·         Processing Fees : upto 5% processing fees will charge on each transaction and it will add to the contract fees.



We encourage our buyers and sellers to resolve the issues/ settle conflicts between themselves. If for any reason this fails, you can contact the admin to admin@Hireer.com.